My name is Nomsa i had a very big problem with my Husband for 16 years not until i contacted Dr Aamir and All was well after words .. thanx a million 

Nomsa JHB

I could not thank Dr Aamir enough for reuniting me back with my love partner after 5 years of separation! I was feeling so lost..”

Anne Washington

Amanda Zulu – South Africa

To all who read this….You must have faith. There are greater forces at work than you can imagine. It will get better and each of your situations will improve whether it is what you intended to happen or not. I am currently waiting for my magic to do its wonders, however you must remember to have patience. Patience is knowing that your efforts are paying off even there is no tangible evidence to believe so. Have trust and faith…you are in good hands with Dr K Aamir

I have had problems maintaining relationships for quite some time . i wont say much but all i can say is Thank you Dr Aamir

Lidia – Califonia

I asked you to help me out of a bad relationship that was also ruining my children’s lives as well as mine.

That was in a November. By the following New Year, it was certainly over. My home is quiet and happy for a change.


Megan – Swaziland

My life was transformed so much more than you can imagine. I didn’t believe it could actually happen. My life was in shambles and now its back on track with my soul mate. We were separated for over 3 months. I like to say the 3 months of hell. Thank you Dr K Aarim

My name is Nicole i have heard family and relationship problems for 10 years my husband had left with the kids guess what professor you are a miracle worker 

Terry and Niccole – Manchester

I am Ronnie, i just want to recomend anyone who has a problem to Dr K Aamir because he is the only one who can solve your issue without failure.

Ronnie – Moroco

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